HVP Benefits

Bigger PieSimply put, HVP helps to “make the pie bigger” through enhanced market share for the Hospital or Physician owners.

The results are more patients, more revenue and more profits – and a more convenient, higher quality clinical service.

More HVP Benefits

  • Local control: Physician or Hospital owners retain their governance, leadership and ownership roles – If you deal with a public or investor-owned company, this may not be the case
  • National expertise tailored to meet your local needs – not a “cookie cutter “ approach squeezed into your situation
  • "Special" attention - you'll be one of a select group of HVP clients
  • A collaborative, win – win bias and approach based on trust and a commitment to fostering long term partnerships for all owners
  • The option to work with your own vendors or to use HVP’s nationally-recognized experts for legal, architectural, design and construction, equipment planning and other services


  • Demand a majority stake in your ASC – if an HVP investment makes sense to all parties, then that’s what we’ll do (but only with your approval)
  • Unilaterally make or force any key decision onto the ASC without the direct involvement and participation of the owners
  • Put its own interests ahead of the best interests of the ASC itself

Advice from the Surgery Center Specialists:

As a Physician or Hospital, don’t make one or more of these mistakes:

  • Doing nothing
  • Being reactive versus proactive
  • Thinking that the Hospital controls or “owns” patient volumes and revenues
  • Waiting too long – until another party (doctor or hospital) decides to develop an ASC on their own or with an external partner instead of you
  • Thinking that "bigger is better" when it comes to selecting an ASC company
  • Assuming that a public or investor-owned ASC company is your only option in seeking help to create a successful ASC
  • Failing to realize your own strengths or what you can “bring to the table”

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