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ASC Financial Feasibility Analysis

Where every project should begin. If you’re thinking about creating or syndicating a joint venture ambulatory surgery center (JV ASC) in your community, the critical first step is to formally determine its financial feasibility. The performance of a comprehensive and objective Financial Feasibility Analysis should be at the forefront of your initial JV ASC planning and development efforts.

HVP’s Financial Feasibility Analysis includes 5-year financial proformas and will include the answers to all of your questions, such as…  

  • How many OR’s do we need?
  • How many sq. ft. should we build?
  • What will the equipment cost?
  • What will the building cost?
  • How much equity will the partners need?
  • How much should we borrow?
  • Will we make money, and when?
  • How long will it take to develop the ASC?
  • How will ownership be split?
  • How will governance work?
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