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a woman holding a phone Learn More a woman holding a phone HEALTHCARE VENTURE PROFESSIONALS Focuses Exclusively on Developing & Managing a B Hospital / Physician Joint Venture ASCs Without Requiring Equity a B

What makes HVP different?

At Healthcare Venture Professionals, we do not require ownership equity that reduces the profits available to the hospital and physician partners.

Hospital / Physician Joint Venture ASCs

HVP is a full-service ASC management company. We work exclusively with hospitals to collaborate with selected physicians in a joint venture ASC model. 

ASC Projects:The First Step

The first step in any ambulatory surgical center project is a financial feasibility analysis. This will lead the decision-making process throughout the venture and provide you with projected volumes (by specialty), 5-year financial Pro Forma, Capital Costs (Facility, Equipment, and Working Capital), Debt & Equity Requirements, and a Return on Investment (ROI). HVP will perform a complete analysis that’s tailored to your needs and time frame.

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Client Reviews

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