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We brought in HVP to help us take our joint ventured single-specialty Orthopedic ASC to a multi-specialty Center. HVP aligned well with our goals of migrating outpatient case volumes from our crowded hospital ORs and, achieve improved financial success by adding new ambulatory center physician partners.  From the start, the HVP team knew just what to do.  Multiple physician meetings were held, questions were answered and financial projections were prepared for our CON application which gained quick approval.  HVP led us through the entire process and provided routine updates to all key stakeholders along the way.  The re-syndication went smoothly and we subsequently added six (6) new physicians in the specialties of GI, ENT, Ophthalmology and even another orthopedic surgeon.  Our surgeon and patient satisfaction scores are outstanding and we are now enjoying regular monthly distributions.  I highly recommend HVP to help your hospital/physician joint ventured ASC; they are the experts.

Mark Steadham, President & CEO

Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers

Board Member, Deerpath Ambulatory Surgical Center

Morris, IL

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