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Feasibility Analysis for JV ASC’s

If you’re thinking about creating or syndicating a joint ventured ambulatory surgery center (JV ASC) in your community, the critical first step is to formally determine its feasibility. The performance of a comprehensive and objective ASC Financial Feasibility Analysis should be at the forefront of your initial JV ASC planning and development efforts.

A thorough and professionally conducted Feasibility Analysis should answer the key financial and qualitative questions related to the potential for a successful JV ASC venture. If you proceed with ASC development, the Feasibility Analysis then serves as a blueprint for subsequent business planning and eventual business success. For these and other important reasons, you should be hesitant to engage any Company or Consultant who promises the quickest or cheapest approach to the conducting of the Feasibility Analysis. Too many key decisions affecting the future of your ASC project will ride on the results to run the risk of basing such decisions on factors primarily related to timing or pricing of the Analysis.

Healthcare Venture Professionals specializes in JV ASC’s and has performed numerous JV ASC- specific Feasibility Analyses over the past few years. This experience allows us to provide you with the most comprehensive Analysis available at what we believe to be an extremely reasonable price. We’ll also agree on a timeframe for completion of the Analysis which permits a thorough consideration of all key factors yet meets your need for a timely completion of this important phase of the JV ASC planning process.

We’ll define total Project capital costs and prepare a 5 year set of pro forma financial and statistical statements for the ASC which include all projected case volumes, revenues and operating expenses. We’ll survey and meet with all targeted Physicians as well as the Hospital representatives to mutually develop the assumptions being used to prepare the pro forma statements. We’ll work with an Architect to initially define the facility size and scope and with Legal Counsel to consider initial corporate structure and related legal matters. In summary, we’ll work participatively with all key players to make sure that we’ve conducted a thorough and exhaustive Feasibility Analysis for the contemplated ASC.

You can learn more about HVP’s approach to the ASC Feasibility Analysis by visiting our website at Or, give us a call at 615-400-4851-we’d love to talk with you personally about this important subject.

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